Why Us?



We know when it comes to hiring consultants, you have a lot of choices.  That’s why we think the most important referrals we can offer are from our clients themselves.  InsideOut would love to work with you to provide you and your institution something uniquely effective.


“Diane is a gifted professional. Whether it is in small group facilitation, individual coaching, or career advising, she has a way of helping each person bring out his/her strengths with a clear-eyed understanding of personal, group and institutional dynamics. She does this with an impressive knowledge base as well as amazing wisdom and humor.  I have spent a good part of my career both learning about and teaching leadership and career development, and I can say without the slightest exaggeration that working with Diane has been the most rewarding of all.”

Jo Shapiro, MD 
Chief, Division of Otolaryngology 

Director, Center for Professionalism and Peer Support 
Brigham and Women’s Hospital


“Engage Diane Rawlins if you’re looking for someone who will help you and your team achieve breakthrough performance.  I have worked as a health care leader with Diane for over 20 years on complex leadership and performance issues.  Without exception, she has added enormous value to my efforts.  Over the years, she has enabled both me and my teams to unleash our individual and collective intellect, experience and hearts in meeting/ confronting the challenges before us.  No one has been more important to my professional leadership development and effectiveness than Diane.”

Paul M. Briggs
Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer
Presbyterian Healthcare Services.


“Diane is a master at process. Whether the focus be a personal transition, a vexing work relationship or a complicated organizational challenge, Diane brings gentle wisdom, sound theory and a fully loaded “toolbox” of tactics to help deepen understanding and open a pathway for moving forward.  I’ve always left our conversations feeling better prepared to engage the current challenge.  She doesn’t give advice, she offers partnership – and it works.”

Carol A. Aschenbrener, MD
Physician Executive

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