Team Effectiveness

High-functioning interdisciplinary teams are a key success factor in delivering transformational results.  But developing and sustaining such teams is not easy.  In fact, the challenge of developing effective interdisciplinary teams is often quite formidable in professional cultures, which have traditionally valued individual competence, autonomy, and competition between and among disciplines.

InsideOut Consulting is committed to helping leaders strengthen team effectiveness.  We are one of a handful of professional partners practicing a leading edge team effectiveness methodology called Relational Coordination.  Utilizing Relational Coordination theory and tools to inform our work, we contract with leadership teams, as well as front-line clinical teams, to measurably improve performance in ways that are proven, respectful, and refreshingly straightforward.


What is Relational Coordination?

Developed by Jody Hoffer Gittell, PhD, at Brandeis University, Relational Coordination is communicating and relating for the purpose of task integration – a powerful driver of performance when work is interdependent, uncertain and time constrained.  With the Relational Coordination Survey, a valid and reliable measurement tool supported by our partner Relational Coordination Analytics, you can gain insight into the Relational Coordination dynamics that exist between individuals, groups and organizations – and begin to transform them.”


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