Executive Coaching



Today’s organizational demands and complexities are greater than ever and pose enormous risks and rewards. Leading others through these challenges toward the future requires a set of core capabilities both broader and deeper than those required in the past.


  • FOCUS: Where should you focus your personal attention and effort amidst the high-volume and high-velocity demands of daily life?

  • INTEGRITY: How do you hold and act in congruence with your values as you work to meet external expectations and achieve institutional outcomes?

  • INTERDEPENDENCE: How do you hold your own convictions, while also embracing others’ views and experiences?

  • MOBILIZING OTHERS: How do you inspire and engage your teams and colleagues to make progress on issues that truly matter?


IOC partners with you to explore and develop these and other key leadership capabilities.  Focusing on the business and interpersonal goals that matter most to you, we will guide you through a process that will:

Assess and amplify your inherent strengths.

Identify and change the habitual responses no longer serving you.

Increase alignment between your intentions and your impact.

Broaden your repertoire of practical leadership skills.

Strengthen your personal courage, resilience, and vitality.